What does it mean to connect? The Holy Spirit gifted each of us uniquely for the purpose of building up the church, the Body of Christ. We want to share with you all the exciting ways you can connect and plug into serving with your talents. The most exciting life is one that is filled with helping others. To understand more about connecting your talents for God’s glory, click on the links below. The first link provides a lesson that explains the Biblical concept of the Connection Ministry at Central Christian Church. The second link is a Serving Questionnaire that will help you understand some of your areas of interest and talent.

For those in the church, please complete the questionnaire and give it to Harley Ihm, or email your answers to Dr. Ihm at You can also complete and mail it to Central Christian Church, 2002 W. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

  1. Connections Ministry Lesson
  2. Serving Questionnaire


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